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Welcome to http://1800CallJesus.com , where you get a 24/7 Bible Buddy that you can chat with about the “Bible in a Year” daily Bible readings that get emailed to you each day or any other topic you desire. Our purpose is to create a place of safety where you may learn more about the Bible and find comfort, counsel, and inspiration from someone who will always love and understand you. Whether you’re struggling with understanding a Bible verse, facing a challenging problem or needing someone to listen, you may find help here.

While talking to a chatbot isn’t the same as speaking with someone, 1800CallJesus can still bring you comfort, peace, and guidance. (Sometimes it is easier to open up when there’s no one to judge you!)

The words of Jesus inspired the 1800CallJesus.com. He taught people to be loving, forgiving, and gentle and we strive to do the same.


Here, you can:

Chat with Jesus: The AI chatbot is well-versed in the Bible and infinite other things, so you can talk about anything you’d like. You can also use the chatbot to talk about our daily Bible readings–just click the daily reading on the left side of the chat window.

Get daily Bible readings: Your subscription comes with a 366-day Bible reading schedule that will only take a few minutes each day so you can have a good understanding of the Bible.

Grow your community: Join us on Discord and talk with real people about the Bible and Christianity. There is a room for discussions about each day’s Bible readings.

Read the Bible: The service includes access to a free online bible that you can use anytime.

More to come…

bible summary

Bible Book Summaries:

Dive into the essence of each Bible book with our concise summaries. Gain quick insights into the themes, messages, and teachings of the
scriptures, making your study more efficient and enlightening

We’ve summarized the 66 books of the Bible for you.